Lockdown has meant we’ve all been spending more time at home. You might have noticed certain aspects of your home that look down-at-heel, or been longing for a change of scenery. Instead of paying for expensive home renovations, have you ever considered spray coatings?

A change in colour can make all the difference to your mood. It can also vastly improve the appearance of your surfaces, making them look smoother, glossiers, more matte or simply more attractive.

Whether you fancy fresh-coloured kitchen cabinets or a new look for your doors, JWS Coatings UK Ltd can work on all types of commercial and residential projects.

Our award-winning spray coating services are available in a wide range of locations in the UK. No matter if you’re looking to make small cosmetic improvements or have work on a larger project, we offer a wide range of colours and textures to choose from.

Our residential spray coating services are used for everything from kitchens and garages to conservatories, windows, doors and gates. Why not try out our colour configuration tool to see the potential?

JWS Coatings UK Ltd provides the finest quality workmanship and products to deliver all our spray coatings. Efficient and competitively-priced, we make home and commercial improvements much more affordable.

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