We can apply a specialist coatings to your old windows to save that huge cost of replacements!
We have a huge range of colours with many different kinds of finishes ranging from matts to satins.

The Benefits

Window replacements can sometimes come with a hefty price. That’s why applying a specialist coating to your current windows can keep them lasting for years to come; breathing new life into the exterior of your property and savings thousands of pounds in the process.

You should also know that a variety of colours and finishes are available to match your ideal window coatings.

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The Process

There’s several stages to restoring your windows to improve the look of your home! Firstly, it’s important the existing UPVC isn’t damaged; any necessary filling and sanding will be undertaken to ensure the UPVC is weatherproof.

It can then be professionally cleaned to remove any dirt and grit. Once these steps are completed, our spray coating specialists mask off the surrounds of the UPVC, preventing overspray across brickwork and glazing.

Thirdly, a special blend of paint means the UPVC can be sprayed without applying primer as it is solvent-based and acts as a primer itself.

The final step in providing a quality window coating service is to reapply silicone (the same colour as your sprayed UPVC) to achieve an appearance often seen with newly fitted windows and protect sealant from damage in the process.

Window Coating

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