Have you been searching “refurbish my front door”?

When we look at the front of a house, the first part we’ll take in is the front door. Is it painted well? Does it fit in with the style and personality of the home? Could it do with some TLC? If you want to ensure your front door is representing your home in the best possible light, our resprays can work wonders.

At JWS Coatings UK Ltd we want to save you thousands of pounds on replacements with our respraying services.

Offering a much more cost-effective solution, our resprays can save you the time, hassle and money that can come with buying a new front door. With our option, you can choose from various finishes and colours that will help you refresh your front door and bring it back to life.

At first we’ll start by cleaning the door to ensure there is no dirt or grime. From there, we’ll protect all the surrounding brickwork and walling so that we can focus purely on painting the door.

With our priming and spraying phase, we can get to work without having to lay a primer down as it does all the work for us in one job. Lastly, we’ll reapply the same colour silicon as your newly sprayed door for the perfect finish.

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