We can apply a specialist coatings to your old doors to save that huge cost of replacements!
We have a huge range of colours with many different kinds of finishes ranging from matts to satins.

The Advantages

Door coatings create new life to the outside of your home and can add value to your property – Making it a worthwhile investment.

The resistance of existing UPVC can be prolonged and instead replacing doors entirely, you can choose from a large collection of colours and different finishes, from matts to satins. Have peace of mind that our specialists in spray coating services can achieve the results you want and improve the look of your home!

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How It Works

Our spray coating specialists will firstly assess any existing damage to the UPVC of your doors so they can be both filled and sanded.

This will ensure the UPVC is longer-lasting and pushes back any need for replacing your doors for potentially year to come.

After the filling process has been carried out, the cleaning and masking stage means any dirt or grit can be removed before the UPVC surrounds can be masked, like brickwork and glazing; protecting the rest of your door and preventing overspray.

Once achieved, the priming and spraying phase can begin and our spray coating specialists will use a unique formula of paint which allows spraying the doors without applying primer. This is because the paint acts as a primer itself, bonding with the UPVC.

Finally, we will reapply same-colour silicon as your newly sprayed UPVC to result in a perfect finish.

Door Coating

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Recent Door Coating Transformations

See some of the recent work we have done on customers doors to improve the aesthetics of their properties!

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