Want to give your kitchen a fresh look this spring?

You might be amazed by what a huge difference a change in colour can make. Whether you would love a brighter, more cheerful colour or need a team to respray faded surfaces, JWS Coatings UK Ltd has got you covered.

Your kitchen is used everyday by all your household. Kitchen cabinets, in particular, can easily be subject to wear-and-tear.

One of the easiest ways to provide a new look without a great deal of upheaval is spray coating. It doesn’t involve removing cabinets or counters, nor having to pay for their replacements, and it gives your kitchen an exciting new colour.

Create a beautiful new kitchen with quick and affordable spray coatings.

An award-winning company, JWS Coatings UK Ltd works on both commercial and residential projects. Our work includes the spray coating of kitchen cabinets.

With a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from, including matte and glossy, you can easily modernise your property. Along with cabinets, we work on all kinds of kitchen furniture, from door and kickboards to island units.

Hard-wearing, low maintenance and cost-effective, our spray painting can transform kitchen cabinets for much less than a re-fit.

Better yet, we’re currently offering a free specialist coating touch-up pot for every project we work on.

If you’re looking to have spray coatings for your kitchen cabinets, simply get in touch today.