At JWS Coatings UK Ltd, we specialise in providing professional intumescent paint spraying services, offering an essential layer of fire protection for structural steel in buildings. Intumescent coatings act as a fire-resistant finish, safeguarding steel structures and prolonging their structural integrity in the event of a fire.

When structural steel is spray coated with intumescent paint, it forms a protective layer that expands and becomes insulating when exposed to high temperatures. This expansion creates a barrier that delays the steel’s heating, allowing it to maintain its strength for a longer period. In essence, intumescent coatings buy valuable time during a building fire, facilitating safer evacuation and potentially saving lives.

We prioritise collaboration and precision in our work. Before proceeding with any project, our team works closely with clients and intumescent coating manufacturers to analyse plans and drawings. This thorough analysis allows us to produce a steel loading report for each job, ensuring that the correct amount of intumescent coating is applied to meet the specific fire protection requirements.

During the application process, our skilled technicians meticulously test all wet film thicknesses to guarantee that the correct amount of material is being applied. This attention to detail ensures the effectiveness of the intumescent coating and provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that their building is adequately protected against fire hazards.

If you’re in need of professional intumescent paint spraying services for your structural steel, look no further than JWS Coatings UK Ltd. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can enhance fire safety in your building.