Looking for a cost-effective way to improve the look of your kitchen?

Now spring has finally arrived, it’s a great time to have spray coating. Once weather conditions improve, this is easily carried out either outdoors or indoors.

The warmer weather means the paint easily has time to dry. Better yet, now lockdown restrictions have been reduced and the children are at school, it’s also easier to get out of your house when work is being done.

Winners of the 2020/21 Specialist Coatings Company of the Year, our team can make cosmetic improvements that give your spirits a lift this season.

We can carry out a kitchen respray that makes you feel like you have a whole new room.

An award-winning spray coating service for both commercial and domestic clients, our team can  save you significant amounts on replacement cabinets, doors and much more.

Whether you wish to give your kitchen cabinets a new colour or finish or are looking to transform your windows and doors, JWS Coatings Ltd can work wonders on your surfaces. When it comes to commercial projects, we can work on everything from shop fronts, industrial properties and doors to shutters, gates and fences.

If you’re looking to have a kitchen respray this spring, contact our team for more information. Or simply fill in our form to get a quotation.