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uPVC Spraying Colour Selection

It comes as no surprise that uPVC spraying offers over one hundred colour options. That’s because every property is different and every customers’ needs are unique.

With us here at JWSCoatingsUK, we offer over a hundred colour options and a variety of finishes from matts to satins – Take a look at our very own colour configuration tool on our website!

Hopefully by the time you’ve read our blog post, you’ll have a better understanding at not only the scope of colour options available for your uPVC’s, but how to choose the right colours to improve your home.

uPVC Spraying Colour Selection

What Colours Should I Choose to Window and Door Spray Coatings?

The colours you choose are entirely your decision! Some people decide on a brand new colour and look for their homes, while other simply want fresh coats of their existing colours.

Regardless of your decision, our expert team can offer advice and help create your ideas; whether its for spray coating uPVC Windows, doors, garage doors, conservatories or kitchens.

What are the Most Popular uPVC Colours?

Whilst it depends on your ideas and unique needs for uPVC colour spraying, a lot of people believe the following colours make up the most popular choices for residential spray coating (This isn’t an exhaustive list, as other primary colours such as red, blue and green are also popular uPVC spraying colour options):

  • Dark grey
  • Light grey
  • Jet black
  • Chestnut brown
  • Pure white

Take a look at these colours in more detail below, including the similar RAL colours that are also popular within grey and white.

Popular White uPVC Spraying Coating Options

Interestingly, white is another popular uPVC spray coating colour option, despite uPVC typically being white in its raw state.

Usually, different white colours are used to give a factory finish or restore existing and aged uPVC back to a new look. Popular RAL white colours include the RAL 9016 Traffic White and RAL 9010 Pure White.

Popular Grey uPVC Spraying Coating Options

One of the more popular spray coating options in grey is RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. However, there are multiple varieties of the colour grey and some of its alternatives that are very popular include RAL 7015 Slate Grey, RAL 7021 Black Grey and finally the RAL 7043 Traffic Grey.

Whilst the change in colour isn’t massively different, these all have their own uniqueness and can transform your uPVC windows, doors, conservatories and more in their own way.

How Can Our Expert Team Help With uPVC Spraying Services?

With over 10 Years of experience in the industry, our award-winning team is on hand to help with your residential spray coating needs across the U.K. From uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, kitchens and garage doors, we can help you find the perfect colour from a list of over one hundred.

Take a look at our colour configuration tool on our website to help you decide. For our services, simply get in touch using our 02476385791 on or through out contact form.



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