We can apply a specialist coatings to your shutters and save you a huge cost on replacements!
We have a huge range of colours with many different kinds of finishes ranging from matts to satins.

The Advantages

Many business realise the aesthetic value of shutters on commercial property and how clean shutters with high-quality spray coating can make your business stand out.

The main benefits of shutter spray painting are to avoid expensive replacement costs, for branding purposes and to improve the overall appearance of a shop front even when its closed.

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What's Involved?

Our spray coating specialists will begin the process for shutter spray painting by looking at the shutters and understanding any damage such as chipping or flaking of previous coating.

It’s worth knowing that this can look bad for business but also lead to corrosion. In the early stages of shutter spray painting service, any brush marks from it being previous painted can be evened so the final finish is smooth.

Before the shutter spray painting can happen, masking is essential to prevent spray particles across other surfaces which do not need spray painting. Our team of spray coating specialists will then carry out the spraying phase creating a whole new look for commercial shutters and leaving customers happy with results.


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