We can apply a specialist coatings to your gates and fences and save you a huge cost on replacements!
We have a huge range of colours with many different kinds of finishes ranging from matts to satins.

Our Latest Work

See some of the recent work we have done on businesses gates & fences.

The Benefits

Commercial gates and fences surround properties and can sometimes be the first impression many receive from a property. Having JWSCoatingsUK carry out spray painting for gates and fences means commercial property can benefit from looking professional and appealing to customers and visitors.

What’s more, there’s no pricey replacement for the fencing and gates as the original can be restored to a great standard and possibly last for more years to come.

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The Process

The beginning phases include checking the commercial property gates and fences; making sure there’s no damages and any damages are filled and sanded down. This means we can continue with the job at hand are ensure the finish is smooth and complete to a quality standard.

Once everything has been checked over, and any priming and masking necessary undertaken, the spraying phase of spray painting gates and fences can go ahead.

Our spray coating specialists listen to your ideas and will help find the colours you want for your commercial gates and fences.

The end result will leave your commercial property with spray painted gates and fences that look new.

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