We can apply a specialist coatings to your doors and save you a huge cost on replacements!
We have a huge range of colours with many different kinds of finishes ranging from matts to satins.

The Benefits

Avoid costly replacements and let our spray coating specialists take care of your commercial door coating needs.

We listen to our customers and provide the appropriate colours or colour-matching to have your commercial doors looking great again.

From shop front and throughout, commercial door coating services are a great idea for businesses of all industries – So let our award-winning team help.

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How We Work

Commercial doors need analysing for any possible damages; this could be weather-damage and ageing and use over time.

Once the door is restored through filling and sanding techniques, the cleaning process is underway and removes any substances ready for priming, masking and spraying.

Masking usually consists of covering any areas (such as brickwork) to avoid the danger of overspray.

Unlike residential door coating services, commercial doors require certain colours appropriate for branding reasons.

Whether different colours completely or colour-matched, our spray coating specialists carry out the job with a unique blend of paint; one which also acts as a primer itself.

The final result should leave your commercial property with doors that really look brand new without the stress of fitting new doors.


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