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Cerakote – The World Leader In Protective Coatings

Cerakote heads-up against common finishes found in a variety of industries.
See how Cerakote stacks-up and is the undisputed champion of performance finishes.


See what happens when a steel panel coated with Cerakote is shot with a 1 oz. shotgun slug in this real-world flexibility test.


Cerakote doesn’t affect fatigue properties of aluminum alloys

Due to chemicals used in the process, anodizing offers a very limited color selection while Cerakote offers over 200 unique colors. Unlike anodizing that is known for its drastic color inconsistencies, Cerakote colors are held to a consistency standard of a Delta E of 1 or less. Cerakote does NOT detrimentally impact the fatigue properties of aluminum alloys while anodizing creates a brittle and porous oxide layer and tensile residual stress. Environmentally, Cerakote does not contain any heavy metals and is VOC exempt in all 50 US states. Some anodizing processes release hexavalent chromium, which is a powerful carcinogen, into the environment.

Cerakote – The World Leader In Protective Coatings


The Ultimate Corrosion Test

We put Cerakote, as well as other leading finishes, up against the Salt Chamber for the ultimate corrosion test. How long will these finishes last? Watch what happens and find out who Finishes Strong.


Tested in The Elements.

To show how Cerakote stacks up to traditional blueing we set up a 15 month time-lapse in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Using two identical bolt-action rifles as our test subject, there was one clear winner: Cerakote.


The Cerakote Advantage

When seeking performance, looks and temperature stability, there is only one coating that stands on the podium for all three at once. Cerakote’s high-temperature coatings are the ultimate solution for parts such as exhausts, headers, turbos and manifolds.

Cerakote – The World Leader In Protective Coatings



In a head-to-head test, Cerakote was put up against Nitride in a salt chamber to see which would be the most corrosion-resistant. Each barrel was placed in the salt chamber and after just 8 hours the Nitride finish barrel began to show signs of corrosion. As the test went on, it took a whopping 1,206 hours to show any signs of corrosion.


330 Times the Corrosion Protection

In a salt chamber test to simulate corrosion over time, Cerakote Elite outperformed PVD with 330 times the corrosion protection. These results also exceed military standards by over 40 times. Cerakote is a superior performance finish to PVD, at a lower price point, and is made in the USA..

Cerakote – The World Leader In Protective Coatings


Cerakote Elite Blackout, Teflon® Black 958G and Teflon® Metallic Black 420G coated bolts and hex nuts went heads-up in the salt chamber to see which would outlast the other.

Rust was observed on both of the Teflon® bolts after 24 hours in the salt fog chamber. Per Cerakote standard ASTM D610, the Teflon® Metallic coated items reached 3% red-rust and were left in the chamber for later comparison. At 48 hours, the Teflon® Black items reached 3% red-rust and were also left in chamber for later comparison. Zero rust was observed on the Cerakoted items.


We put Cerakote Elite Blackout and Xylan® coated bolts and hex nuts in the salt chamber to test who would finish strong against red-rust corrosion. At 540 hours, the Xylan® coated items reached, per Cerakote Standard ASTM D610, 3% red-rust on the body of the bolts and were left in chamber for later comparison. The Xylan® coated items were pulled from chamber at 1,871 hours due to excessive corrosion. At 4,000 hours, the test was concluded and the Cerakoted items had yet to reach 3% red-rust. Cerakote Blackout corrosion performance showed an 87% improvement over Xylan®

Cerakote – The World Leader In Protective Coatings

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What People Say

Kathryn Hooper
31. July, 2021.
From first contact to completion, it was an absolute pleasure to work with James and his team - we had our oak kitchen updated to a much more modern Farrow and Ball Pigeon and the end result is spectacular. We feel as though we have a new kitchen but less the stress and costs involved! The whole process took 3 days and everything was carried out very professionally and punctually - we were always informed what was being done in each phase. What an amazing transformation - thanks guys! Highly recommended!
Simeon Townsend
16. July, 2021.
The guys were amazing. Professional, punctual and their work is second to none. I have used them twice now and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. I have recommended them to my nearest and dearest die to their quality work and service.
6. July, 2021.
Nick Shaw
29. June, 2021.
James and his team sprayed all our kitchen units, put new handles on and new kick boards. Their attention to detail is first class and their approach is very professional but friendly at the same time. Our kitchen looks brand new. I would recommend them without any hesitation.
Sophie mahony
25. June, 2021.
Amazing job for a new shop opening! Cannot thank them all enough for the job they have done and how professional they are! Couldn’t recommend enough!!
Tracey Charles
2. June, 2021.
Having decided that our kitchen needed some updating we quickly came to the decision that the cupboards themselves were still in great condition, but faded in places. We researched painting the cupboards ourselves, but felt that in order to achieve a professional finish, we needed to commission a specialist company to carry out the work. Before we selected JWS, we spoke to some local residents who had previously used the company in their own homes. Everyone praised the company and had no complaints, so we decided to approach the company for more information and a quote for the work we were ingerested in. James and his excellent workforce exceeded our expectations. They completed a total respray of all cupboards and drawers in our large kitchen. We are extremely delighted with the finished product, the quality and workmanship is absolutely fabulous. The finished product has exceeded our expectations. Throughout the whole process all staff involved were exceptionally professional, their work was tidy and the ovedrall effect of the finished job is very impressive. JWS has been impressive througout and we would like to thank all of the staff involved. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is considering a similar update to their kitchen.
Claire Darby
25. May, 2021.
I cannot recommend James and his team enough. From my initial meeting nothing was too much trouble, the process was seamless & they treated our home respectfully! I am absolutely delighted with our new look kitchen, it has been completely transformed with bespoke handles too, it looks like a new kitchen. Supporting local businesses is more important than ever & I will use them for other projects. Thanks again James.
Donna Gate
20. April, 2021.
We are totally overwhelmed by James and his workforce, from start to finish! James keeps you fully informed with updates at various stages of the project and it’s great to see the transformation in progress!! The quality of work is simply stunning and of the highest quality. We had a Complete bedroom recoated in Purbeck Stone ( F&B ) and refitted with new handles. The workmanship is excellent,the products he uses are Top Quality. JWS Coatings definitely go the extra Mile with stunning results, they are great to deal with , reliable hardworking & 100% trustworthy. Would highly recommend. We were so pleased we used them again for some furniture revamp.......Yet again the results are amazing and cannot thank the Guys enough👍😊
Stacey Ruth
13. April, 2021.
Amazing service from James, he couldn’t have been more helpful if he tried. He transformed a reception desk for our salon and it looks better than we could ever have imagined! Would definitely recommend, an all round good egg 🤩
Kazim Bhojani
8. April, 2021.
James and the team are highly professional on time and very good at keeping me posted through the stages. We were on a tight deadline and he met it and came back to make sure everything was perfect. He took the time and you could see the care in his work. We were very particular with the colour and he provided samples sprayed to show us the different options. We will be using James and the JWS team in the near future. I would recommend him for anyone wanting high quality, detailed works. K Bhojani Visual Answers Opticians Quorn

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all residential, public and commercial or industrial applications


At Cerakote, we stand behind our products. We warranty all Cerakote products for 12 months from the date of shipment. To ensure you receive the highest quality product, every lot number of Cerakote gets tested for consistency and goes through our Quality Control Lab for review of Color, Gloss, and Viscosity.

If you are having issues with Cerakote product and we determine it to be defective, we will replace the coating or fully refund the original price of purchase.



  • Order coating only as needed (this will help with over stocking materials and minimize expired product).
  • Periodically agitate bottles of Cerakote that have been shelved for long periods of time (this will aid in ease of agitation for future use).

A “mil” is a unique unit of measurement used to determine coating thickness. Special instruments called Mil or Coating Thickness Gauges are used to measure mil thickness. How thick is one mil? An average credit card is 30 mils thick. One mil is 1/30th of the thickness of a credit card!

Note: A mil is 1/1000th of an inch. A mil is NOT equal to 1 mm.

What is a Mil?

The mil thickness of a coating not only affects the appearance of Cerakote coatings, it can also affect the performance and protective qualities. A coating with a mil thickness that is too thin may have less than 100% coverage leaving the substrate vulnerable to corrosion. A coating that is too thick can have lessened overall durability. It is important to always strive for the correct mil thickness when applying Cerakote.

Coating Thickness Gauge

We highly recommend using the Cerakote mil Thickness Gauge to check for proper coverage of parts sprayed. The gauge we offer works on ferrous metals such as cast iron, carbon, and stainless steel, as well as non-ferrous metals, like aluminum.

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