External UPVC Windows Coated With 7015 Slate Grey

Garage Door Spray Painting Near Me

Our UPVC spray coating process аіmѕ to rеѕtоrе, rejuvenate and transform уоur old tired lооkіng uPVC doors, wіndоws and fixtures and to provide you with a modern, long-lasting and durable finish!

The Benefits of uPVC Spraying

The doors, windows, conservatories and other uPVC spraying features of our home exterior start off fresh and full of colour. However, these materials are exposed to UV rays, dust and pollution on a daily basis – And it’s not long before colours fade and noticeable weather damage occurs. The uPVC features of your doors, windows […]

uPVC Spraying Colour Selection

RAL Colour Chart

It comes as no surprise that uPVC spraying offers over one hundred colour options. That’s because every property is different and every customers’ needs are unique. With us here at JWSCoatingsUK, we offer over a hundred colour options and a variety of finishes from matts to satins – Take a look at our very own […]

Why Does My Home Need Kitchen Respray Services?

Generally, there are two options for transforming your kitchen and giving it a brand new look. You can completely remove the kitchen and all its features, consult a kitchen designer, find a supplier and hire a kitchen installer; or you can hire a professional uPVC spray coating company to transform your kitchen at a fraction […]