Save money and improve the appearance of your home with our roof spraying & coatings

Is your roof looking a little worse for wear? Would you like to bring it back to life? Maybe you’d like to make some big changes but fear that you don’t have enough in your budget?

Rather than spend lots of money on a new roof, you can save money and have a refreshed roof with our roof spraying and coatings 

Our roof spraying and coating services are suitable for repairing or renovating your current roof. Repainting and sealing your roof is a more cost-effective choice than a full replacement, and it will last for many years. 

JWS UK specialises in roof spraying and industrial roof painting. Roof sealant coating can aid in the prevention of leaks and corrosion

All of our roof coating and spraying is done after your roof has been thoroughly cleaned by a professional. This prepares the surface and aids in the identification of areas in need of repair.

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