With over 10 years of experience, here at JWS Coatings we have provided spray coating services to many satisfied customers, in an array of different premises, and in the world of interior wall finishing, there is a method that really stands out, internal wall spraying

With such a long list of advantages, it is clear to see why internal wall spraying is the preferred method for so many. Here are just some of the key benefits below:

  • Internal wall spraying is significantly faster than traditional methods. It allows for the rapid application of coatings or finishes, reducing project timelines.
  • Spraying provides a consistent and even coat over the entire surface, minimising streaks, drips, and unevenness that can occur with brushes or rollers. Allowing for a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish that meets the highest standards.
  • Internal wall spraying minimises disruption in residential or commercial spaces. It generates less mess, as overspray is controlled, and there is less need for extensive masking or covering of surrounding areas.
  • Internal wall spraying can handle various materials and allows for a wide range of customisation and versatility, making it easy to achieve various finishes and colours, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and design preferences.
  • On large-scale projects, maintaining consistency in finish quality can be challenging with traditional methods. Internal wall spraying ensures uniformity across extensive areas.

Whether you’re working on a residential renovation, a commercial project, or any interior wall finishing endeavour, internal wall spraying can provide a solution that saves time, reduces costs, and delivers exceptional results. So simply fill out our quote request form with as much detail as possible, and our team will provide you with an accurate quote tailored to your specific requirements or give us a call on 02476 385791.

We are also happy to provide a free site visit and no obligation quotation for your project, if that’s what you prefer.