Talk to our team about our professional internal wall spraying solutions

Internal wall spraying is a method of applying paint or other finishes to the walls of a building. This technique has many benefits compared to traditional methods of painting, and is one that our team at JWS can help you with.

The speed of internal wall spraying is one of its key advantages. Spraying eliminates the need for many coats of paint or labour-intensive brushwork in favour of a quick and even application of the finish. This can significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to paint a room or building, making it an economical choice for big jobs.

The finish is yet another advantage of internal wall spraying. The paint is less prone to drop or leave brush marks because it is applied in a fine mist. This may produce a finish that is smoother and looks more polished, and is one popular with schools, warehouses and offices.

Furthermore, spraying can reduce mess and overspray, making it a more practical choice for both the contractor and the property owner.

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